(sometimes also referred to as the Cott Yard Project)



As you now know the opening ceremony had to be cancelled at very short notice due to the bad floods that we experienced less than a week before the opening had been planned. However the insurance covered the extensive damage done to all rooms in the building so over the next couple of months the damage will be repaired. As soon as we know we will let you know the new date of opening.



The photo below was taken in 1902 and shows Cott Barn when it was part of a working farm. It was used as a Milking Parlour and a Slaughter House. Cott Barn is on the right of the photo. The man leaning against the left-hand gatepost (with white sleeves) is George Bligh.





The Cott Barn Project is sometimes also referred to as The Cott Yard Project 




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Cott Barn


Cott Barn is an old barn in the centre of St Neot that has been bought by the Parish Council for conversion into a Community Resource Centre.  A Community Archive Room will feature as a village resource and storage area for the local history, some documents will be accepted, information will be stored electronically on computers. The Archive Room is to be administered by a small group of locals and will be for the Parishes of St Neot and  Warleggan. The Archive Group is a seperate group from the History Group.


The above photo shows the licence plaque for the slaughter house found in the barn during clearing-out. An attempt will be made to incorporate a number of the original features into the new renovation.


As can be seen by the photo on the right all of the  preliminary work  has been carried out by locals voluntarilly. However, all of the building work is being done by a professional company.




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You can see the difference between what it looked like before renovation started (see left) and how it has been transformed by looking on the Progress photo pages on this site. 







The ground floor on the "Cott" side of the building was still equiped as a milking parlour up to the start of the renovation. (2011).

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Further information is available on the "Council Minutes" page. 


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 Cott Barn was finally finished on the day before easter 2013.