Foot Path Project


Message from Jenny and Nick Hart


We are now coordinating a project on behalf of the Parish Council, and Cornwall Council.  It is to survey all the footpaths and bridleways in the parish and create a report. We then need to get them all up to a good standard and get a book together detailing them.
We are doing it under the auspices of Re-Imagine Kernow and another member is doing the same in Warleggan.  But while they only have 9 paths, we in St Neot have 46 - so we need volunteers to help!
We are working with walkers and landowners in identifying all our paths, surveying their condition, and finding ways to make them safe for all users - farmers, riders, walkers - and wildlife - alike.  Would you be a volunteer for this survey?
You may already have seen this on the Village Facebook and already volunteered,  we will be following up on that in short order. If not then please give it consideration, help is needed in order to survey these paths.

We have been very encouraged by the official response from Cornwall Council and our own Parish Council and we look forward to working collectively to achieve our stated aim of opening every footpath and bridleway in our parish.


If you would like to volunteer to survey the condition of your favourite walks, please contact Jenny Hart, who has been designated footpath co-ordinator, on this email:


It is really important to walk only those paths that are clearly identified as rights of way, but to note any anomalies that you become aware of. Respect for the country code should be the highest priority in this sensitive agricultural and habitat-rich environment.


Stay safe, stay healthy, walk well!


Jenny and Nick Hart for RE:ImagineKernow