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Terrific !
I have visited St Neot on many occasions - definitely one of the nicest places in Cornwall and so friendly too.

Cllr Barry Chapman Mayor of St Neots - Cambridgeshire’s largest town.
although we emigrated back in 2011 for financial reasons it is still great to hear what is going on
Nadelyk Lowen ha Blydhen Nowydh Da
one day i hope to come back for a visit...if i'm still welcome!!!!
I hope to visit St Neot later in the year, hoping to trace relatives of a Richard (Dick) Batten and his wife Susan Ellen (nee Frances) who left St Neot for Blackburn in Lancashire in the late 1800s. If anyone has any information, I would be most grateful,
I look at this site and guest book often, missing St. Neot soooo much! Please will someone share Jon Glencross`s email address with me? - with his permission of course! Dougie and I were Jon & Ali`s neighbours at Treverbyn Smithy. We were in Seattle all last winter and so much wish that we`d known then how relatively close by was `cousin Jack`! - on a Pacific North West scale, I estimate by coincidence, just the same distance between Treverbyn Smithy and Jon & Ali`s farm! Planning another trip to Seattle.. Thank you.
I was searching for information on St. Neot and found your website. Thank you ! The history is so interesting and pictures of the celebrations are quite delightful. My family migrated from Scotland and the Cornwall area in the 1600's to the U.S. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Someday I wish to visit and maybe stop by your lovely village. Blessings, Susan Nolan
Just been talking to your new priest on SKYPE (we are in PERTH, Western Australia) - Philip and I have been friends for a long time - nice to get a feel of the community he and Victoria are living in at the present time. Your village looks delightful.
We visited St Neot in 2010 as I am descended from the Rundle's of Hole Farm. It was a sunny autumn day and we had a lovely time looking around the village and the church, chatting with the friendly folk in the shop and we had lunch in the London Inn. It was such a wonderful experience seeing the place where my ancestors were born, married and buried - what a lovely building the church is like a cathedral with the gorgeous stained glass. My father's family migrated to Australia in the 1850's and we knew nothing of our connection to St Neot until Mr Richard Crow's history of Hole Farm became available!
Mary Manser nee Rundle
I love your website . it shows me so what my harris and rundle ancestors would have known before moving to south Australia. it is so interesting.
I love your website and it brings back happy memories of visiting the area. I was friendly with a family that lived at Trebevyn Mill? Their names are Chris, Charlotte, Harriet and William, Mr and Mrs William Perkins. I am trying to contact Charlotte. Do you know where she is please
Having just started tracing my family tree to the Henwoods in St Neot, I definitely have it on my must-visit list. A beautiful place. Best wishes, from Perth, Western Australia.
My husband and I visited St Neot a few days ago, and thought it a delightful, attractive village. We came because a friend of ours Gwen Foster was born in St Neot, 98 years ago on 4th August 1916. Foster is not her maiden name, but we can find this out. She was the oldest of a family of (12)? and lived on a farm. She left the village at 16 she later married a blacksmith, I am not clear whether he came from the village, but again it is something I can get the answer to. She would like to visit the village and as we are only about an hour away we would enjoy the journey as well. If you can help me regarding the farm and other information I would be most pleased.


Anne Hughes
Hi, your site is very informative with some very nice pictures etc.
I was born in Bodmin (St Nicholas Street) back in 1945, when doors could be left open etc.. My mother is a Roberts and was born in Belowda (Belovely as it was known) Roche. As you can see by my surname my male ancestors are from Scotland.

At the moment I'm researching the "Roberts" side of my family and trying to find out any information regarding the name Hooper.
John Thomas Hooper b abt 1883, Altarnun, Baptised 12 Oct 1883 St Neots. John married Charlotte Jane Smith in 1907, poss at St Neots.
The 1891 Census shows John Thomas living at Lords Waste with his parents John and Louise Hooper and siblings.
The 1911 Census shows John Thomas as married (to Charlotte) and living at Lords Waste, Four Hole Cross, St Neots with two of their children Violet Evelyn and Alice Hooper.
Violet Evelyn went on to marry John Charle Roberts.

My Questions are, does anyone know of any Hoopers still living in St Neots.. Are there any headstones in the churchyard regarding any Hoopers and could someone either photo them and email me or just email me the inscription.. I know of the two children Violet and Alice however I'm trying to find out if John and Charlotte had anymore children.
Many thanks in advance
I was wondering if anyone can help me, my name is Emma and I am researching my family tree. I am stuck with a great uncle named Reginald Bennett Sawle, I have seen from phone records that a Rev R B Sawle was living at the Vicarage, St. Neot between at least 1975 and 1980 and was wondering if anyone knows if this was Reginald or not.

Thank you,

I am coming to Uk in September to see where the Mutton family come. John Mutton 1515. My mother is a direct descendant 12 generations. Living in Australia. I can't wait to see St Neots.
What a grand site for my ancestral home. My earliest known ancestor was Ralph Jane, born in St. Neot in 1500. I am so looking forward to visiting there.

Thanks for your comment, don't forget to let us know when you are visiting. Chris
I'm hoping beyond hope that my 7th great grandfather Joseph Gilbert who immigrated to Pennsylvania U.S.A in the late 1600s is the Joseph Guilbert b. 1670 in St. Neot to Nicholas and Patience Guilbert. The Y-DNA of my Joseph is known, and we're so hoping to find another male from this Guilbert family to be Y-DNA tested to confirm a match. This may be the only way we'll ever prove the connection. There's a possibility that the family may have been Quaker at some point, or at least that some of them were.
I'll investigate for you Jane.
I live in Sydney Australia. Since retirement I have taken to researching my family ancestry which is what brought me via the net to the wonderful place of St Neot and the very helpful folk of the local St Neot Church (Archive Ed) being Chris and Barbara Timms. I am just thrilled by the ancestral news of past relatives who lived in St Neot generations ago. Family names being WHITE; POMEROY; PENBERTHY. I was absolutely thrilled that graves were discovered in the church graveyard and also that JOHN WHITE and a Rich'd POMERY have the only 2 floor memorials in your local church. A descendant of John White and Mary Pomery was Hugh Brice White R.N who fought in the Battle of Trafalgar on the "Tonnant". He became the Controller of Irish Ports based in Galway. He married Sarah Westropp. Thank you Lesley Roberts
My ancestors are from St. Neot. I am a descendant of William Olliver. He was born in 1767 in St. Neot and became a blacksmith in Ley.
Thanks for the email Michael. We have a Family History person who actually lives in Ley who may have information. Contact me or leave an address omitting the @ sign. Chris (Ed)
im currently searching my family tree,my familys history .ive traced to this lovely village.i believe i have family buried at this church..the family name is mutton.i go back as far as john mutton 1515-1577...also the names william and joseph mutton,,im planning a visit the summer..can some one give some feedback ..i live in south wales ..regards e mail ..reggieperrin**
Thanks for the email. I will contact you via the email address. Chris
pictures of the Cott-Barn look great....keep up the good work.
Having a great time in the Colonies but still miss St Neot and all our friends.... hopefully you might visit us here????
Cheers Jon and Ali
T hank you for such a wonderful website. I just found out my great-grandfather Elias Davey Cawrse was born in St. Neot and I have lots of family (from the Benedict Cawrse lineage ) Because of your websitel
I was able to visit his birth place and see some of the places he saw...Thank you,Thank you...
Oswald and Dorothy Chambers were the owners of East Colliford Farm when it was decided to build a dam on the property and construct the Colliford Lake reservoir. Dorothy taught at St. Neot School from 1967 until 1978. Our daughter,Susan started school there in Miss Pascoe's class in 1972 when her brother Robert was born.Our family emigrated to Canada in1978. Oswald passed away in 2009 and his ashes were scattered by relatives on Bunnings Park before they enjoyed a lunch at the LONDON INN.
We cherish many happy memories of our lives there 1953 to 1976 and are in contact with friends
who live in the community.
Great to hear all the news and keep up with things now that I am a "Cousin Jack" here in Canada.
Cheers Jon and Ali
I live in Pennsylvania in the U.S. and recently learned that my great (X four) grandparents were married in St. Neot Parish in 1815. So I am assuming they were married in St. Neot Church, unless there are others in the village. Also, does anyone know if marriage records from that far back still exist in the village? Their names were George Hobbs and Martha Grigg. By the way - It is a lovely place and I hope someday to visit!
If anyone would care to respond, my email is THANKS!
I have sent an email - and will tell Mandy but if anyone else knows anything that they think will help please contact Ward. Ed
I live in Bodmin but wish I lived in St. Neot - one of the friendliest and prettiest villages in Cornwall. I visit as often as possible such as the other day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and you could actually hear birds singing (unusual in noisy towns). The tranquility of St. Neot is unique and really touches and revives the soul. You are all so lucky to enjoy being there every day. Long may it last and - lastly, the new website is excellent.