St Neot Cornwall



Oak Apple Day is a traditional annual event in the village. In the tradition of all great village feast days, it is an opportunity for villagers to continue a time-honoured tradition whilst having fun celebrating together as a community.




Come and join in the celebrations - why not wear a period costume? You are very welcome to come to the barbeque  after the Tower story, watching the branch being hauled up the tower and listening to the bells ringing.





In 2012/13, the St Neot Historians received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enhance record and archive the Oak Apple Day celebrations during May 2013. Below is some information about the events that year. There will be an event this year as there is every year.






Many local organisations took part in the 2013 celebrations. The W I encouraged its members to dress in period costume for the occasion.


Chris & Barbara Timms


This page concentrates on the event here in St Neot Cornwall England.

There is a huge amount of general information available online, some words to "Google" are "Oak Apple Day", "May 29th 1660", "Boys Love Artemisia Abrotanum"