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26th Jan 2014

Hi Chris,

Can you forward my problems I’m having with BT in the village to the Parish Council. We have only lived in the village for 18 months and we have had nothing but telephone faults, The response time from Openreach is appalling, we have to wait up to 2 weeks for an engineer and then probably wait another 2 weeks to get a simple line fault repaired. We recently ordered 3 new lines for our home business and the wait is now 8 weeks with no progress to date. After speaking to other villagers the problem seems to the same for everybody.

We have a great village, with a good community but the telephone situation needs to be improved. Can someone from the Parish Council contact somebody at BT to try and improve or understand the problems and potential solutions for the future.  I look forward to the Council’s reply.

Cheers, Simon Rogers


I've forwarded your comments to Derris Watson & Sue Blaxley. Derris has replied to me and will contact you. Chris