Below you will find the St. Neot W.I. Flower show schedue. This is held on the second Saturday in August.


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PLEASE NOTE THE VILLAGE FLOWER FESTIVAL IS TO BE HELD THIS YEAR OVER THE BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND. Please click here for more details of this fund raising event which is only held every 4 years or so in St Neot, this is not the same as the Flower Show.

Rules                             Judges                  Special Prizes                      Vegetables       


Fruit                               Flowers                 Floral Art                              Craft                               


Cookery                         Recipes                 Preserves                            Children's Classes    


St Neot School              Photography          Children's Photography       Miscellaneous     


2018 / 2018 Programme       






Saturday 12th August 2017


St Neot Village Hall  



Open from 2pm, official opening 2.30pm by Mrs Brenda King


Vegetables, Flowers, Floral Art, Craft, Photography

 & Children’s classes. Raffle & refreshments available


Show Secretary: - Mrs L Neal, 4 Hazelmead, Liskeard PL14 4PY


Closing date for entries 7th August 2017

and regretfully late entries cannot be accepted



Rules for Exhibitors


  1. All exhibits in the Flower and vegetable classes must be the property of the exhibitor and grown on land in their occupation. All root vegetables to be topped.
  2. No exhibitor to make more than one entry in any one class and only one member of a family to enter in any single class from the same garden, allotment or greenhouse.
  3. If the entries in any one class do not exceed three the Judges reserve the right to withhold any prize.
  4. Staging to be done on Friday 11th August from 7pm – 8pm or on Saturday 12th from 8am.
  5. All exhibits to be in the Hall by 10.45am on the day of the Show. The Hall will be cleared of all people by 11am except those retained for special duties.
  6. The cups and prizes will be presented at 4.00pm. Exhibits may not be removed until the presentations are complete.
  7. Each exhibitor is asked to bring plates or vases for their exhibits.
  8. Exhibitors Cards are supplied and will be in position.
  9. Wherever applicable the Show will be governed by the rules of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Rules for Judging. The Judges will use judging books supplied by the Secretary.
  10. The decision of the Judges will be final as to the relative merits of the exhibits and the decision of the Committee shall be final in all other matters connected with the Show
  11. Vegetable, flowers and fruit classes are open to amateur gardeners
  12. All exhibits etc. will be at the Exhibitors risk.
  13. No Exhibit may be shown which has been exhibited at a previous St Neot Show.
  14. Pot plants must have been in the ownership of the exhibitor for at least two months.
  15. NOVICE is deemed to be anyone who has not won a first prize at the St Neot show in the Floral Art or Handicraft classes.
  16. PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES – these classes are only for Amateur Photographers. All photos must be taken by the entrant and may not have been exhibited at previous St Neot shows. All prints must be mounted with names clearly written on the back. Largest size of photo including mount is A4 (class 117 no larger than A3).
  17. CUPs - Engraving will be the responsibility of the Cup Holder and should be returned to Mrs J Gander, Glyn Dale, Loveny Rd. St Neot. PL14 6NL by 7th Aguust 2018
  18. In the event of a points tie for a cup, the competitor with the most number of first prize cards will be the winner.

Show Judges


Fruit and Vegetable classes – Mr M Seaman

Flower classes – Mr R Knight

Floral Art classes – Mrs J Crossman

Craft classes – Mrs R Bond

Cookery classes – Mrs R Slee

Preserves classes – Mrs N Wearn-Pearse

Children’s classes – Mrs F Barrett & Mrs S Holman

Photography classes – Mrs M Williams




Prize cards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Highly Commended

Children’s classes: First £2, Second £1.50, Third £1.

St Neot School classes: Rosettes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd


 Special Prizes and Cups

  1. Vegetables – A perpetual cup given by the late St Neot WI and re- presented by the Stevens family for the competitor gaining the most points in Classes 1-21.
  2. Flowers – A perpetual cup given by the late Mrs D Nielson for the competitor gaining the most points in classes 25-41 and 44.
  3. The David Walker Memorial Cup – A perpetual cup for the best exhibit in Class 28 (3 roses).
  4. Rose Bowl – for Best Single Rose given by the late Mr & Mrs F. Norris to be competed for Class 29.
  5. Edie Walker Memorial Cup – A perpetual cup for Best Fuchsia in Class 40
  6. Edwin Northcutt Perpetual Cup – given by Mr & Mrs L Northcutt for the best exhibit of 3 cactus dahlias in Class 25.
  7. St Neot WI Cup – A Perpetual cup to be won by a member of St Neot WI gaining most points in in the Show.
  8. Best Pot Plant/Container Cup – given by Mrs B Timms to be competed for annually in Classes 42 and 43.
  9. Floral Art Cup – a perpetual cup given by Mrs D Nielson for the best exhibit in the Floral Art classes 46-50.
  10. Floral Art Perpetual Cup – given by the late Mrs L R Strang for the best exhibit in the Floral Art Novice Class 51.
  11. Elsie Beswetherick Memorial Cup – for the best exhibit in Craft classes 53-62.
  12. Ella Frost Perpetual Memorial Cup – for the exhibitor gaining most points in Classes 53-82.
  13. Higgins Trophy – for the best exhibit in the Cookery Classes 63-73
  14. Rendell Perpetual Cup – given by the late Miss J M Rendell open to members of St Neot WI and/or residents of St Neot Parish for the  most points in Classes 63-82
  15. Duncan Perpetual Cup – for the best exhibit in the Photography Section Classes 110-117.
  16. Ford Perpetual Cup – given by Mr & Mrs G B Ford for the best exhibit in the Junior Photography Section Classes 118-119.
  17. Perpetual Cup – given by Miss F Snowden for the competitor 16 years and under gaining the most points overall.
  18. Perpetual Trophy – given by the late Mrs M Taylor and represented by the Stevens family to be won by any adult competitor gaining the most points overall in the show.
  19. Libby Perpetual Cups – given by the late Mr & Mrs Libby to be won in the following classes.
    1. The best exhibit in the Children Growing things section Classes 83-85
    2. The best exhibit in the Floral Art Section by an exhibitor under 16 years.
    3. The best exhibit in the Flower Section
    4. The best exhibit in the Vegetable Section
    5. The best exhibit in the Preserves Section
  20. A Cup given by Mrs B King to be won outright by the competitor under 4 years gaining the most points in classes 90-93.
  21. A Cup given by Mrs M Ward to be won outright by the competitor 4 - 5 years gaining most points in classes 94-97.
  22. A Cup given by Mrs M Rowe to be won outright by the competitor 6 - 8 years gaining most points in classes 98-101.
  23. A Cup given by Mrs J Bunt to be won outright by the competitor 9 - 11years gaining most points in classes102-105.
  24. A Cup given by Mrs R Wilton to be won outright by the competitor 12 - 16 years gaining most points in classes 106 - 109
  25. Perpetual Cup – given by Mrs J Olivey for the tallest sunflower see Class 45
  26. Perpetual Cup – given by Mr & Mrs Christian Smith for the best exhibit in the Children’s Classes 90 -109
  27. Noreen Martyn Memorial Cup for the most outstanding exhibit in the Fruit, Flowers & Vegetables sections.
  28. Perpetual Cup – given by Mr & Mrs T Newton for the most points in Classes 52 & 74
  29. Red Rosette Award – for the child growing the tallest Sunflower, Class 86
  30. A Medal given by the Stevens Family – to be won outright for the Best Children’s Cookery exhibit in classes 87 – 89.

The President and members of St Neot & District WI wish to thank all those who have kindly donated trophies for the show.      


  VEGETABLES                                              Judge Mr M Seaman

Class no.

  1. 3 Beet – globe.
  2. 3 Carrots – stump, tops no more than 3-4ins.
  3. 3 Carrots- long or intermediate, tops no more than 3-4ins.
  4. 6 Shallots.
  5. 6 Beans – runner.
  6. 6 Peas.
  7. 6 Peas or mange tout.
  8. 1 Lettuce.
  9. 3 White onions – 8oz or less each, seed or set.
  10. 3 White onions – over 8ozs each, seed or set.
  11. 3 Red Onions – 8ozs or less each, seed or set.
  12. 1 Cucumber.
  13. 4 Potatoes white.
  14. 4 Potatoes coloured.
  15. 2 Courgettes.
  16. Collection of Vegetables – 5 kinds, space 2’ width x depth of table.
  17. 4 Tomatoes.
  18. 8 Tomatoes – small fruited or cherry cultivars on a plate, plate supplied by WI.
  19. Herbs – 4 varieties culinary, freshly picked and displayed in one pot.
  20. 3 Leeks.
  21. Any other vegetable.


Novelty Classes (do not count for points) 

  1. Longest Runner Bean.
  2. Funniest Shaped vegetable.


FRUIT CLASS                                                  Judge Mr M Seaman

  1. Fruit of any kind.



FLOWERS                                                      Judge Mr R Knight


  1. 3 Dahlias – cactus.
  2. 3 Dahlias – pom pom or ball.
  3. 3 Dahlias – decorative.
  4. 3 Roses.
  5. Single rose.
  6. 6 Sweet peas, annuals only.
  7. 1 Hydrangea bloom.
  8. 3 Gladioli 1variety.
  9. 3 Gladioli single or mixed varieties.
  10. 4 Antirrhinums.
  11. Collection of flowers – 6 stems, mixed flowers allowed, perennials or annuals or a mix of both.
  12. 6 Pansies or Violas.
  13. 4 stems from any flowering shrubs, can be mixed.
  14. Best single bloom.
  15. Best multi headed bloom.
  16. 4 whole stems of Fuchsias, any variety or varieties.
  17. 3 stems of Pinks or Spray Carnations.
  18. Indoor pot plant flowering or non- flowering.
  19. Outdoor freestanding planted container.
  20. Tallest Sunflower grown by an adult living in the parish, to be measured where grown.
  21. Tallest sunflower grown by a member of St Neot WI, to be measured where grown.


FLORAL ART                                                  Judge Mrs J Crossman


  1. “Bright and Bold” an exhibit in an 18” space, height unlimited.
  2. “An exhibit in a matchbox” in space 12”x 12” to be viewed at eye level.
  3. “Somewhere over the rainbow” a small exhibit not exceeding 9” in height, width or depth.
  4. “Twist and Shout” – a modern exhibit in an 18” space, height unlimited.
  5. “Caught in the Net” an exhibit in an 18” space, height unlimited.


NOVICE CLASS                              

  1. “Country Life” an exhibit in an 18” space, height unlimited.


MEN ONLY                           

  1. “An exhibit using vegetables” an exhibit in an 18” space height unlimited.



CRAFT                                            Judge Mrs R Bond


  1. Sewing machine made article – hand finishes allowed, state size.
  2. Hand knitted article.
  3. Item of crochet.
  4. Item of embroidery, hand or machine made, kits allowed.
  5. A craft item in a hard medium e.g. wood, metal, pottery or porcelain.
  6. A picture, painted or sketched, (state size).
  7. Embroidered picture or wall hanging in silk or cotton, maybe framed.
  8. Upcycled or recycled item in any medium.
  9. Men’s handicraft – free choice.
  10. An item of jewellery in any medium.

Please state on entry form if sending a large exhibit (with measurements).


COOKERY                                       Judge Mrs R Slee


  1. Starter own choice.
  2. Victoria Sandwich.
  3. Individual dessert – own choice.
  4. Chocolate Yoghurt cake – recipe given.
  5. Golden harvest cake – recipe given.
  6. Egg & bacon pie.
  7. White Cottage loaf, hand made.
  8. Cornish pasty – not more than 7inches.
  9. 4 Anzac biscuits – recipe given.
  10. A round of shortbread.
  11. 6 fresh eggs.
  12. For Men only – 4 iced buns.








Ingredients                                    Method    

8ins round tin, greased                   Oil, yoghurt, syrup, sugar and eggs in a

5fl oz. vegetable oil                         bowl, beat with a wooden spoon until well

5fl oz. natural yoghurt                     mixed. Sift flour, cocoa, bicarb. and salt into

4 level tbsp. golden syrup               the bowl and mix well.      

6ozs caster sugar                           Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and in

3 eggs                                             bake the centre of the oven for 1 -1 ½ hrs.

8oz SR flour                                    Leave in the tin to cool then remove &

3 rounded tbsps. cocoa                  sprinkle with sugar.

½ level tsp salt                               Oven 165C or 325F gas mark 3

½ level tsp bicarb of soda               

Sugar to decorate




7.5ins cake tin, greased & lined       Cream margarine & sugar until

6oz/170g margarine                         fluffy, add orange rind. Beat in the eggs,

6oz/170g caster sugar                      one at a time.

Grated rind 1 orange                        Fold in the flour, orange juice, sultanas

3 eggs                                               and walnuts.                                  

8oz/227g SR flour                             Place the mixture into the cake tin.             

2 tbsps. orange juice                         Bake for 1¼ hrs Turn out and cool.

6ozs/170g sultanas                           Oven 165C or 325F or gas mark 3

1oz chopped walnuts

                                                    ANZAC  BISCUITS


Lightly grease 2 baking trays           Put the margarine or butter, syrup and

5oz/150g soft butter or margarine    sugar into a pan and heat gently until

6oz/175g granulated sugar              melted. Stir in remaining ingredients.

1 rounded tbsp. golden syrup          Mix well until blended

3oz/75g  S R flour                           Then spoon about 36 slightly flattened

3oz/75g Dessicated coconut           mounds well apart onto the trays.

4oz/100g Porridge oats                   Bake in preheated oven for 10mins until

                                                        spread out flat and lightly browned at the

                                                        edges. Cool for a few mins. then carefully

                                                        lift off  with a palette knife to cool on a rack.

                                                        Pre heat oven 180C/350F/Gas 4       


 PRESERVES                                          Judge Mrs N Wearn-Pearse


  1. 1 jar Marmalade.
  2. 1 jar of Jam.
  3. 1 jar of Jelly.
  4. 1 jar of Lemon curd.
  5. 1 jar of Chutney.
  6. 1 jar of Unusual preserve.
  7. 1 bottle of Fruit flavoured liqueur.
  8. 1 jar of light, medium or dark natural crystallised Honey.


CHILDREN'S CLASSES   (Please state age of child on the entry form)


VEGETABLES                                        Judge Mr M Seaman

  1. Any vegetable grown by an under 12 year old.
  2. Any vegetable grown by a 12 - 16year old.
  3. Collection of vegetables - 4 kinds, space 1ft wide by depth of table.
  4. Tallest sunflower grown by under 16 year old, to be measured where grown.


COOKERY                                             Judge Mrs N Wearn-Pearse

  1. 8 years and under - 1 gingerbread man.
  2. 9 - 11years  - 4 cheese scones.
  3. 12 - 16 years Chocolate sandwich cake with buttercream filling.


AGED UNDER 4 years                         Judge Mrs F Barrett & Mrs S Holman

  1. A vegetable print.
  2. A glitter picture.
  3. Model made with play dough.
  4. Mustard & cress grown in a saucer.


AGE 4 -5 years                                            Judge Mrs F Barrett & Mrs S Holman

  1. A party hat.
  2. Picture of a Butterfly.
  3. 7 Flowers in a jar.
  4. Beansprouts grown in a jar.


AGE 6 to 8 years                                  Judge Mrs F Barrett & Mrs S Holman

  1. A Lego model.
  2. Miniature garden in a seed tray.
  3. Drawing of your home.
  4. A model made from recycled material.


AGE 9 to 11 years                               Judge Mrs F Barrett & Mrs S Holman

  1. A Collage.
  2. Hand written verse from a poem of your choice.
  3. A flower arrangement in a mug.
  4. Draw a map of your route to school.


AGE 12 to 16 years                          Judge Mrs F Barrett & Mrs S Holman

  1. A computer generated poster for St Neot Village Festival, entitled “RHYTHM OF LIFE”
  2. Fresh flowers in a decorated baked bean tin.
  3. Hobby or handiwork.
  4. Homemade friendship band.



St. NEOT SCHOOL PROJECTS     Judges Mrs F Barrett & Mrs S Holman


DEWEY CLASS –   1. Stained glass windows. 

                                2. Stone age clay huts.


LOVENY CLASS – 1. Rainforest Butterflies.

                                2. Anglo Saxon purses.   


FOWEY CLASS –   1. Pointillisum.

                                2. Slate Paintings.







PHOTOGRAPHY see rule 18                                        Judge Mrs M Williams


  1. Water
  2. Moorland
  3. A black and white or sepia print.
  4. A close up.
  5. Free choice.
  6. A digitally enhanced photo of one of your entries in any photo class.
  7. A humorous print with caption.
  8. 3 photos of the same theme, each no larger than 7x5 mounted together.


CHILDRENS PHOTOGRAPHY under 16 years old     Judge Mrs M Williams


  1. Free choice.
  2. A Selfie.

 MISCELLANEOUS CLASS open to all ages              Judge Mrs R Bond


  1. A poem about Cornwall.
  2. A birthday card.
  3. An A4 poster advertising Cornwall.

St Neot &District Women’s Institute


Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in St Neot Village Hall.


Come along and join us it is a great way to meet people in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Visitors welcome


Speakers most months, May Fayre last weekend in May, Annual flower show, special outings and a chance to join a variety of classes in Cornwall or at Denman in Oxfordshire.


Telephone our President Jenny Robinson on

01579 321586 for more details.





8th August.            Irene Brown - Scarves for all Seasons.

12th September     Peter Auger - Experiences of a Head Gardener.

                               Peter worked at one time for Blenheim Palace.

10th October          Louise Nichols - From graduation to a career as a textile artist.
14th November      Max Simpson - Old tools to amuse and confuse.
12th December      Christmas Surprise.

9th January.           Brian Oldham - Liskeard Past and Present.
13th February        Alison Gribble - A little bit of chocolate.
13th March.           A. G. M.
10th April               Shaun Poland - Butterflies of Cornwall.




St Neot & District Women’s Institute

Annual Village Show 2017

Entry Form





Please include all of the personnal detials below as well as full details of the

Class Number and Description





To print off an application form please Click here




Closing date  is no later than Monday 7th August 2017


We regret late entries cannot be accepted.


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